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Current Positions

Uwe T. Schmidt is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Stahlschmidt Incorporated, a privately held management services, investment and asset management company with activities dating back to its inception in Toronto, Canada in 1983.  Its origins in the international trading of metals, minerals and energy as well as subsequent tailored supply chain management, structured trade finance and consulting engagements have influenced the Company’s current investment portfolio.

In 2001, Mr. Schmidt merged Stahlschmidt’s steel trading and supply chain management division (MetalsBridge) into MAN AG’s North American trading group (Ferrostaal Incorporated), retaining sole control of Stahlschmidt’s non-steel trading and distribution activities.

Post merger, Schmidt took the helm of subsidiary Ferrostaal Incorporated as President and CEO. During his tenure, he focused on first growing and then restructuring its international steel business. Under his leadership, the company expanded its sales from US$ 585 million to over US$ 1.2 billion by 2004.

In 2005, Schmidt joined the Management Board of MAN Ferrostaal AG in Germany subsequently consolidating all of MAN AG’s international metals trading activities as Chairman and CEO of the newly-formed, Houston-based Ferrostaal Metals Group, LLC (“FMG”) with sales of US$ 2 billion and offices in 60 countries.

At the request of MAN AG, Schmidt restructured and merged FMG with CCC Steel GmbH & Co. KG to form one of the world's largest independent steel trading organizations, Coutinho & Ferrostaal GmbH & Co. KG ("C&F") in 2007. Through 2010, he served as Managing Director of the newly formed company as well as Member of the Management Board at Ferrostaal AG.

In 2008, Ferrostaal AG and Solar Millennium AG engaged Schmidt to develop and implement a strategy to become a major player in the emerging U.S. solar power sector. To this end, Solar Trust of America, LLC ("STA") was incorporated. During Schmidt’s tenure, STA secured thousands of acres of prime real estate, all critical permits, licenses and transmission rights as well as lining up US$ 3 billion in project level financing required to support its 2.25-GWe project pipeline. Schmidt served as Chairman and CEO of STA until its shareholders were unable to continue funding STA and they declined Stahlschmidt's offers to buy-out their interests.

Schmidt’s career also includes various CEO, senior management and board of director positions with some of the world's leading publicly-traded industrial companies including Thyssen AG (now ThyssenKrupp AG); Nobel Metalle AG; and Olympic Continental Resources, LLC (a JV with Olympic Steel, Inc.). In addition to these activities, Schmidt has managed Stahlschmidt’s investments in numerous entrepreneurial start-up ventures.

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario and Huron University College in Ontario, Canada, Schmidt has served on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations; the German American Chamber of Commerce; Cleveland Capital Corp., LLC; Key Holdings; the Board of Advisors of Cross Capital AG; and was a member of the American Institute for International Steel.